Thinking of Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) in Japan

It’s been so hot in Singapore lately that my mind keeps wandering to a trip we took to Tokyo, Japan in late March, 2016.  We wanted to experience some nice Spring weather as well as beautiful bursts of sunshine but the weather wasn’t cooperative in the sense that we had quite a few cloudy days.  At least it was nice and cool. If you’re wondering what I mean by hot in Singapore, it’s 29ºC in the shade in the morning and feels like 36ºC when mid-morning comes round. On top of that, it’s HUMID…ugh….sounds like a time for Songkran, the Thai water festival which is in the month of April!

We spent a total of six nights in Tokyo and had the good fortune of having Alfie Goodrich, a professional photographer and excellent teacher, bring us to a gorgeous park in Saitama, an hour just outside of Tokyo. It was brilliant because we did not have to jostle with the crowds and managed to get the creative juices going and get some nice stuff done.  It’s important to know where to go if you’re in unfamiliar territory so Alfie was a God send to us!  Alfie’s based in Japan, so for those of you interested in getting some good photography done while in Tokyo, contact Alfie to find out his schedule and rates.

Saitama Sakura Picnic web


The whole of Japan goes into Sakura over drive during this season and we were pleasantly greeted by loads of cherry blossoms even in urban Tokyo.  The rivers especially seemed to have an abundance of them along their river banks.

Meguro Sakura web


And of course, not forgetting urban parks.  What a wonderful excuse to have a picnic amongst the cherry blossoms!

Ueno Sakura Picnic web

So the next time you’re thinking of a holiday in March, think about Japan.  Plan your trip by researching the website of Japan National Tourism Organization or JNTO to get a feel of when the season begins.  Then get plane and immerse yourself in the scent and sights of Sakura 🙂

Travel Details

Flight: Japan Airlines

Accommodation : Citadines Shinjuku

Transport: MK Taxi Tokyo & the ever efficient Japan Rail and Subway system