Starting over, beginning with a new theme

It’s been ever so long since I last wrote on my blog that I decided to also give it a revamp as I wanted to make sure that it truly was a new beginning. I was succumbed by work, renovating the house to include a little studio as well as moving house to an apartment so that the builders could start with the construction. In all, a very busy two years! The good news of course is that we (the husband and I) was given the opportunity to do major spring cleaning!

Of course, it also meant that we had to move all the other stuff back once the renovation was completed. In order to destress, we went on a travel trip and managed to squeeze in time to make some lovely pictures of nature at it’s best in New Zealand 🙂

Roping in three more friends, we boarded an Air New Zealand flight (premium economy is pretty comfortable for a 10 hour flight from Singapore) which landed in Auckland. We then began our great adventure that took us from Auckland to Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington and then to Queenstown.

On Muriwai Beach

Muriwai Beach

New Zealand is so varied – we saw beaches, beautiful nature parks, geysers, hot springs, desert terrain and mountain ranges capped with white snow peaks that reminded me of cupcakes with a lick of cream 🙂

Nature Park near Rotorua

Nature Park outside of Rotorua

See what I mean?  The two pictures couldn’t be more different!  One is moody by the beach, with a storm crouching on the horizon, while the picture above is Monet-like, all serene and calm with a tapestry of blues and greens.  This is what you get on the North Island.

Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka

Crossing into the South Island, one is then coming into what I call ‘big country’ – lots of fiords, lakes, open vistas and waterfalls.

Queenstown lone tree

The Lone Tree in Queenstown

Ah, New Zealand is a landscape photographer’s playground.  And for those who aren’t photographers, take time to destress by going to the thermal pools (which I liken to going to a Japanese onsen), take nature walks and picnic in serene surroundings.  Best of all, breathe in the clean air!

Arrowtown Tree

Tree in Arrowtown, Queenstown