Cosplay in Bangkok

Cosplay gathering at Ma Boon Krung

We decided to break our journey on the way back from Europe and what better place to break the journey then in Bangkok, Thailand. Being the month of December, we got the added treat of coming into cooler tropical weather! That means it wasn’t 35C and a steam bath but a manageable 22C – 25C in the day coupled with low humidity 🙂

Cosplay Blue Soldier

Staying at the newly opened Ibis near Ma Boon Krung (MBK), we found ourselves nosing around the area. Instead of visiting Jim Thompson’s house (the man who many claim to have revived the Thai silk industry) which was in the soi next to the hotel, we got way laid by the eye-catching Cosplay (the full form being ‘costume play’) costumes that we spied on the bridge toward MBK.  So we followed the Cosplay participants and was led to a Harajuku-type carnival! Some pictures of the event.

Friendly Cosplay Participants Cosplay Girls  Who knows, perhaps this could well be the start of a yearly gathering.  Have to say that the Thais know how to dress and celebrate 🙂


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