Destination: Kochi (Part 1)

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when the husband and I signed up for a photography workshop to Kochi.  Kochi is in the state of Kerala which is in India and I was half expecting our group to be stuck in grid locked traffic and having a bunch of other problems to boot (like diarhoea and the like).  Boy, was I wrong!  The first impression is that it’s a clean, green state of thousands of coconut trees and oh so beautiful sunsets!  This Arabian Sea fronting state is populated with gracious people and an astounding culture.  Our photography group was just bowled over by what we saw.

We had six glorious days of exploring the back waters of Kerala on a beautiful houseboat, poking through very friendly villages, checking out bird life while on our backwater cruise, taking in a Kathakali dance performance at the Greenix Village Centre, walking through beautiful temples and churches and last but not least, eating fantastic south Indian food.

Those six days helped open our minds to the simple pleasures of seeing people smile and happily pose for pictures without asking for anything in return.  The first part of this two part post will highlight my observation of life along the river while the second part will showcase the Indian ‘Dhoby’ (Laundry), Chinese Fishing Nets and Kathakali Dances.

We made our way to Allepy on the second day of the trip, having come into Kochi at roughly 10.30pm on the first day of arrival. For those in need of staying in touch, pre-paid SIMs can be purchased just outside the arrival pick up area.  We took a couple of hours by bus to get out to the jetty where we boarded our houseboat. Another great experience as I’d never been on a houseboat before!

And this is where the urban tension started to drain away from me – spending some time on the river, we were the audience to every day river life – farmers tending to rice fields, mothers and daughters doing all manner of washing up, kids swimming in the river and men fishing for work and supper.

The scene with the goats on the boat give new meaning to the word ‘goat herding’!

I’ll be ending the first part of the post with another sunset.  It is amazing what gifts nature has for us.  If only we take a little time to stop and appreciate 🙂


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