The Beach Beckons as the Hot Season descends

“We’re having a heat wave…a tropical heat wave…”  So go the lyrics of the old song, “Tropical Heatwave” by Irving Berlin.  Temperatures have been inching up rapidly in the last three weeks to a point where it’s been difficult reaching for the camera to go out!  It’s THAT hot…but out we did go on Sunday to bring the doggies to the beach.  Beaches in Singapore cannot be compared to those in Bali, Hawaii or Phuket.  No golden sands but nonetheless a pseudo coastline that has coconut and casuarina trees that make the beach a joy to visit in this city metropolis of six million people.

The East Coast is one such stretch – artificial to a large extent because it’s ‘reclaimed’ and relatively man-made, it’s been the most familiar and popular destination as a seaside landmark for the last 30 years.  I never the size of the park till I looked up the stats on the National Parks site – 185 ha and a coast line that stretches for a little over 15km!

It’s lovely that there is space to roller blade, cycle, run, play and swim along the coast line.  Here you can find people from all walks of life, all manner of jobs, taking in the view and enjoying themselves.

Joggers & Cyclists

Fishing & Swimming!

There are little crescent-shaped lagoons constructed to ensure a ‘safe’ swimming area is available for swimmers who aren’t that strong.  You also get dogs jumping in to cool off after running crazy on the beach!  Pity my little Max was a scardy cat about plunging into the water 😦  All he wanted to do was sniff and nose the sand and look out for other dogs to play with.

Max refusing to go to the water

Max hoping to find ‘food gold’ near the bin!

What brings me the most to the East Coast is the greenery.  At times, it reminds me of Hawaii because of the coconut trees and the buildings in the background.  Coastal casuarina pine trees have matured to beautiful tall specimens offering shade from the relentless sun.  Yet, you can’t escape the fact that it’s still within a city – commercial shipping activity takes place off shore and you can see tankers, cruise ships and other commercial vessels offshore.  The water way is indeed, busy!

It’s in this area that tents are pitched for the weekend stay overs (I believe you need a permit to do this).  Oh yes, toilet and washing facilities discreetly dot the fringe of the beach should there be that call from nature or for after a dip in the sea 🙂

Picnic by the Beach

It’s also very amazing at night – the ships’ lights twinkle in the background, making it look like fireflies are dancing in the black backdrop.  Pack a couple of beers (or a bottle of wine and some wine glasses) and sit on the breakwater to enjoy the evening breeze 🙂