Tropical Walkways of Singapore

Fern at Kent Ridge

It’s been raining almost every day in Singapore for the last three weeks and the large number of green lungs in Singapore have been benefitting from the heavy showers.   As a resident of Singapore, I try to take advantage of the beautiful parks that are free for all to enjoy.  Take the West Coast in Singapore – Kent Ridge, Hort Park, Alexandra Arch, Labrador Park, Telok Blangah Park, Mount Faber and eventually, leading out to Vivo City.  A fantastic walk that is practically covered in tropical garden paradise green!

Henderson Wave, Telok Blangah/Mount Faber

Thus, the scenery is way different from what you get along the East Coast.  Not much of a beach but a lovely expanse of green walk ways and some breathtaking views of the harbour and related activity.

Getting to the West Coast via public transport is a breeze as the new Circle Line runs through this stretch.  Some of the stops are also very well landscaped – Labrador Park Station comes to mind.  On weekends, a bus service runs from the station to the boardwalk at Labrador Park, which is really a brilliant place to have a picnic and let the kids run silly along the boardwalk.  There are plans to extend the walk from Hort Park to this area via an underground tunnel.  What a great way to get to the Southern Ridges 🙂  It is also here that one can find some World War II structures that the British put up.

So first stop, Labrador Park:

Fishing Along Labrador Park Jetty

Walkway to the Boardwalk

Jogging along the Boardwalk

The Machine Gun Post, World War II Relic

I like going to Labrador Park as it reminds me of when life was simpler – you see men and their friends (or sons) fishing, sitting on small little deck chairs, waiting for the fish to bite.  Children cycle along the boardwalk and families having picnics.  Fresh air and sunshine, all free 🙂  By the way, if you’re peckish, do drop by Labrador Seafood & Lounge, a little seafood and grill joint.  They’re at the end of the board walk, closer to the little red light house.

Next stop, Kent Ridge. Here, you get a slightly different scene.  People go jogging round the beautiful pond or just take long circuit walks.  Sometimes I see groups of elderly residents doing tai chi.  But the one that I thought was really cool was a tree climbing class with an ‘older’ participant.  It goes to show that being old is all in the mind 🙂  On the weekends, you also get groups of mountain bikers who practice at the specially carved out bike park.  That’s within Kent Ridge Park – on the main thoroughfare of South Buona Vista Road, you get streams of look a like ‘Tour de France’ bikers riding up what is also known as the 99 bends road!

Walking the Circuit @ Kent Ridge, Pond

Kent Ridge Pond

Tree Climbing Class @ Kent Ridge (active aging student!)

Cut through the aero walk way (where you get a beautiful view of the black and whites of Alexandra Park) and down the hill – you come to Hort Park, which continues along the walk way bridge to bring you to Telok Blangah Park and Henderson Waves.

Last stop, Hort Park:

Black & White Houses – View from Kent Ridge Park Aerial Walkway

Aerial Walk Way @ Kent Ridge

Glass Houses @ Hort Park

Inside the Butterfly Enclosure, Hort Park

Flora & Fauna, Hort Park

Henderson Waves Bridge

If however you feel that you’ve had enough of a walk, check out the little wine bar/cafe at Hort Park.  It’s just opened and has a lovely vantage point in the main building of Hort Park.  Continuing through will bring you to the bottom of Mount Faber and Vivocity, one of Singapore’s mega mall type structures by the sea.  It’s really a nice way to end your walk in the evening because one can hop into a lovely pub/bistro on the Vivocity waterfront and catch the cool sea breeze and a well deserved glass of wine!  Stay long enough and you might get to catch the fireworks at Resorts World 🙂

Outside of shopping and eating, many friends of mine tell me that there isn’t much to do in Singapore by way of entertainment but I feel that if you like the outdoors and make an effort to appreciate it, there is always something to do!  So come this weekend, take a short hike up Kent Ridge or walk along the beautiful walkways past Alexandra Park and Telok Blangah.