Fast Changing Singapore Skyline

After writing about the countries I’ve visited, I think it’s time to write a little about Singapore, the country I live in.  I spent a little time nosing round the new waterfront in the Marina Bay area a few weeks’ ago and while standing there and soaking in the atmosphere realised that Singapore’s skyline has changed dramatically.

It seems like only yesterday that the downtown buildings were slowly coming up and all of us who worked in the area had to suffer from breathing in tiny microscopic dust particles.  Forward to 2012 and much of the dust has settled.  While there are new buildings to boast about, the owners of some of the iconic landmarks on the waterfront have done a fabulous job of integrating the older building into their new facility.  And there are new uses – Customs’ House and Clifford Pier now sport swanky interiors that house restaurants, pubs and live music entertainment.

It wasn’t too long ago when one could see ‘tong kangs’ and bumboats plying the water way that led out to the sea.  Now, even the waterway has undergone a makeover by being dammed and turned into the Marina Barrage!  A huge reservoir in the making right down town.  I was fortunate to have been at the promenade fronting the integrated resort, Marina Bay Sands (or MBS for short) when dusk hit.  I love it when the sky goes all pink, purple and orange and the background glows!  No doubt, the hand of a higher being has painted the scene, waiting for photographers to capture it 🙂

When dusk settles, the lights come on and the transformation begins.  Here’s what the Helix Bridge that leads to MBS looks like when night falls – reminds me of being all dressed up and waiting to party!

Come round about 9.15pm at night, a laser show comes on, courtesy of the MBS Integrated Resort. The view on top of the hotel (from Kudeta) is also an alternative view but I like this one from the wide promenade.

Well, the scenes are modern now but it’s still the traditional family walk about that takes place – mingling among the tourists were many young families and couples walking the promenade at night, which is an activity that many people did in the past when Singapore had it’s Elizabeth Walk, near the current Esplanade.  I’m looking forward to bringing pictures of some of the old, rejuvenated quarters of Singapore in the next blog.  Till then, enjoy the photos and Happy Easter!


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