Mosing around Malacca

We didn’t get enough of Malacca the last time we were there in July 2011 so we jumped at the chance to go again when we got a call from our friends P and E to join them.  Thoroughly unplanned but what the heck, life is short!  So we found ourselves hurtling down the Singapore/Malaysia second link on an early Saturday morning.  The mission was to get to our favourite Chinese dim sum place before they closed and then to make our way to the Equatorial Hotel.  Once ensconced in a room on a high floor, we quickly whipped out our cameras to get a shot of the view – Malacca’s landscape is being quickly transformed with the addition of high rises.

Hoping that there’ll be proper town planning and preservation of some of the most beautiful shop houses I’ve seen. Walking toward Jonker Walk, we came through familiar sights such as Fort A Formosa and Christ Church Melaka.  This time round, we chanced upon the Polis on patrol on horses!  I quite like the expression of these lovely ladies who, while wanting to snap pictures of these horses, were also a little afraid 🙂

The historic city centre is basically a walking town and we did a fair amount of walking on this visit. There are a couple of things which are standouts in Malacca – the first is historic buildings and beautiful architecture and the second, near and dear to many a Singaporean heart, is food!  Perhaps that’s why there are loads of Singaporeans who go to Malacca on the weekends.  It’s a veritable melting pot of centuries old hand me down recipes from Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan cultures.

Winding your way on this street, you get to sample scrumptious hawker fare ranging from otak (mixture of fish/seafood in a coconut curry paste, cocooned in coconut leaves and grilled on hot coals) to char kway tiao, chendol, mua chee and chinese candy.  One can have one’s fill just by snacking along the way but many visitors go to speciality Peranakan restaurants to dine on the wonderful cross-cultural Malay/Chinese dishes.

Activity does not end at dusk and one can have an excellent time just taking five in the many cafes.  As for us, we decided to troll the ‘pasar malam’ or night market for interesting finds.  A visit to Malacca can be both relaxing and frenetic at the same time.  Definitely a city that isn’t boring!