New Year, New Adventures

Gosh, the new year has just whizzed by already! Time has flown and I can’t believe we’re now in March.  It seems like only yesterday that I was packing for a trip to Queenstown, New Zealand, to join a lovely group of people having a singular purpose in mind – making beautiful landscape pictures!

So how did I (or we) end up in New Zealand?  The husband decided that we needed an ‘educational’ holiday and thus proceeded to sign up for PODAS – PhaseOne Digital Artist Series, a photography workshop series managed by the camera company, Phase One.  Phase One is a digital medium format camera and we wanted to experiment a little more with this particular format.  What intrigued us was the agenda which promised a seven-day adventure of beautiful landscapes (a trip to Mt Cook, going out in a zodiac to shoot glaciers, transported by helicopter and running with Hobbits), taught by dedicated professionals and using equipment provided by PhaseOne. We also did not have to worry about food or hotel as all that was to be taken care of.  So sign up we did and it proved to be one of the best photographic workshops we’ve attended!

PODAS Workshop Members

The professional photographer instructors involved in the trip included Mike Langford and Jackie Rankin, Ken Duncan and Christian Fletcher.  They freely shared their knowledge and patiently helped all of us.  We learnt so much in those seven days – composition, being patient for the right light, mirror up, don’t neglect your tripod, photoshop tips and tricks and other important nuggets to get the picture from good to great.  Without a support team, the trip would’ve been tough so let’s just say the support was equivalent to the high standards of the professional teaching we received!  Kevin Raber and his team from Phase One together with Bruce Pottinger of L&P Photography ensured we were well supported.   Last but not least, there were also the participants who made the trip that much more enjoyable.

New Zealand, but Queenstown in particular, has much to offer the landscape photographer.  It’s ‘big country’ – from mountains, to lakes to fiords, farmland and vineyards!  This is certainly the land of spectacular. For foodies, New Zealand offers manna from Heaven 🙂  Words cannot describe the wonderful fresh food and wine that we enjoyed in Queenstown.   As you can tell, I was too busy enjoying the food (and good company) to include any shots but I hope my pictures of scenery give you an idea of what New Zealand has to offer.

Without a doubt, we’ll be visiting again!