Sri Lanka Sojourn

Perahera Festival, 2011

Gosh, how time really flies.  It’s Christmas already and I have neglected to fill the pages of this blog!  I mentioned in my last post that I had visited Sri Lanka and if you’re wondering how come there isn’t a story, it’s because I did a guest post for a fellow blogger friend, Maureen Ow.  She writes and manages the absolutely delicious blog, misstamchiak 🙂  Be warned when you visit her blog – you will be drooling after the first page as the pictures ‘look’ so delicious!

I visited Sri Lanka during the Perahera Festival (or Buddha Tooth Festival) and came away with some memorable pictures.  Absolutely warm people and stunning landscapes – I never knew that Sri Lanka was so diverse.  They have a wildlife national park in Yala, white water rafting, beautiful tea plantations and stupendous scenery.  In addition, there is also the UNESCO heritage site of Galle.  Rich in history and architecture, it’s a wonderful visit for the history buff.


The town of Kandy was where the Perahera festival was held.  The actual festival dates shift so if you intend to catch it, check out the Sri Lanka tourism site.  I’ll stop here about the festival as more pictures of the festival and the other places visited in Sri Lanka can be found on misstamchiak.  Be sure to visit Maureen’s site to get the full story!  Till the next post, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂