A Wish for Japan

The earthquake and tsunami that struck north-eastern Japan in mid-March was unreal, to say the least.  Looking at pictures and news footage of the wreckage makes me really sad, especially as I recall the fantastic visits to the beautiful Land of the Rising Sun.  It’s also doubly sad that such a calamity should strike just before the yearly Sakura or Cherry Blossom season, a time that signals the beginning of Spring and new beginnings.

Falling Sakura blossoms outside the temple in Ueno Park

I’ve read that this year’s celebrations are highly muted.  And rightly so as the people struggle to get their life back in order.  So a short post this month but lots of pictures that I hope shows this beautiful country – the friendly and warm people, the fantastic food and the gorgeous scenery.

Sakura blossoms in winter!

Kimono clad Japanese girls meet Cosplay girl outside Meiji Jingu Shrine

‘Free Hugs’ at Harajuku!

Goth and Cosplay having fun

Talented Harajuku Street musician

Cosplay girls in Harajuku

Hakodate Fishing village event – children as the entertainers

Freshest seafood you can find in Hakodate, Japan

As close to the source as you can get with Uni

Enjoying the seafood feast – for breakfast!

Remembering Tokyo Tower before energy conservation. Taken end 2009.

Hakodate – tranquility

Beautiful rays of evening light at Meiji Jingu – to me, it signifies hope

I’ve seen people who visit the temples put up their wishes within specially demarcated areas.  This last picture represents my virtual prayer wish for Japan and her people – may this beautiful country be blessed with a speedy recovery!!